What is an Online Trading Platform?

It is an online trading platform where traders can monitor the quotes for various asset classes and execute trades using a broker’s services. 

Use your favorite browser to stay up to date on the financial markets. The simple and modern design of the interface ensures a smooth trading experience for all customers. Traders who are new to the market prefer Webtrader because it is simple to use.

Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can log in to and manage your trading account at any time. The Webtrader platform provides a cutting-edge chart trading system that helps you spot trends and identify the best points to open or close positions.

Why Trade With WebTrader? 

Multiple instruments graphs in one chart

Superior trading charts and instant execution time ensure that you will have a fast reaction during volatile times.

▸ Make the most out of any market opportunity with faster trading times.
▸ Compare many assets’ historical prices in one single chart.

Advanced chart packages, many graphs forms

Stay updated with the latest assets prices and get information from different chart viewing. Advanced tools to identify the strongest and weakest assets.

▸ Automated alerts, excellent technical analysis based on historical data (past six months or past year).
▸ Candlestick charts, line, and bar charts provide different points of view on your decision-making process.

Risk management tools

Manage your trading with our one-of-a-kind risk management functions. Stop loss and take profit will protect your moves against market volatility.

▸ Put automatic conditions which will close your trades automatically once the condition is met.
▸ Enjoy guides and directions we provide while you are building your trading confidence.

More Features

Webtrader is a remarkable trading platform, offering a wide range of data and market news, financial events and powerful trading capacity. It is client-oriented, and it shows the nature of the financial market in the simplest way possible.

▸ Access all assets in the financial market;
▸ News section placed in the same interface with the trading environment;
▸ A section for the financial events which have the biggest impact on the result of your decisions;
▸ The most significant economic events happening around the markets: Unemployment rate, non-farm payroll, balance of trade, factory Orders MoM, Michigan Consumer Sentiment Final;
▸ The platform will keep a history of your actions and make them accessible even you at any time;
▸ A wide range of technical indicators based in mathematical and statistical core concepts.

Zero Commissions, Fast Transactions, Professional Assistance